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We are Zinios

Zinios was born to create the technologies that fuel your innovation and transformation, enabling your digital future.

With over a decade of experience building complex systems for enterprise and government clients, GeoMash was spun out of Oni Group (then DMSBT) with its eponymous offering GeoMash - the culmination of tens of thousands of hours of research, development and experience working with customers to provide solutions to their GeoSpatial needs. Over the following years we had the pleasure of serving customers from all walks of life, from startups to MNCs, banks to telecommunications providers and utility providers to government organisations.

With the evolution and growth of GeoMash since its release in 2008, we came to realise that the knowledge we had acquired over the years, and the knowlege that our team bought with them to GeoMash meant we had a lot more to offer the world than map based applications.

We are a technology vendor, and engage through a network of channel partners, reaching 6 continents. Our products include technology centric offerings such as frameworks and development platforms as well as business centric applications that unlock your organisations knowledge and empower the creation of new revenue streams, the reimagining of traditional business models and the innovation and transformation required of organisations to stay ahead of the market.

We take the heavy lifting out of complex solutions, enabling our customers to deploy and leverage our products in the shortest postible time frame, whilst focusing on their core business.