Hello world. Call us Zinios.

‘Hello world’ is every developer's inaugural blog post, and in keeping with that tradition, we’d like to use this opportunity to tell you the story of how Zinios came to be.

Some of you might already know us by another name - GeoMash - as well as some of the products we’ve created in the past.

We’ve been based in Kuala Lumpur since 2010, but trace our roots back to Sydney, Australia in 2004. We’ve spent the past 12 years designing and developing a range of business and technology solutions for clients from all walks of life - from unfunded, pre-revenue startups to banks, telcos, MNCs, government departments and defence organisations.

Of all the applications, frameworks and platforms that we’ve built in blood, sweat, and code, our proudest piece of work is arguably GeoMash - a robust and comprehensive platform for developing map-based services and geospatial applications.

To say it’s kept us busy - and got us thinking - would be a massive understatement.

Since its release in 2008, we’ve created a number of additional modules and applications for and on top of GeoMash. As one update begat the next, we soon found ourselves with a software stack that went far beyond the realms of map-based applications.

We call it Intaglio - and we’ll be releasing more on our platform and its benefits over the coming weeks and months as we evaluate feedback from select partners and early adopters.

We are currently working on a few reference, to show the world what Intaglio can do and encourage you to show us what you can do with Intaglio.

There are some exciting things in the works at the moment, including our new IPTV platform - and others that you’ll have to watch this space to learn more about soon.

When we first set out to build GeoMash, we were certain that it would be our singular offering to the world, but we’ve come to realise we have significantly more to offer and have outgrown a name that labels us solely a geospatial technology provider.

As such we are launching a new brand today - Zinios, the banner that our varied technology products can dance under. We will be focussing our future efforts on refining and expanding our offerings - right now that means the platform and the suite of applications that run on Intaglio, but who knows what the future knows.

Despite the 12 years already under our belt building enterprise technology solutions and technology products, in many ways, we’re just getting started...