Top 10 CIO Concerns for 2016

Top 10 CIO Concerns for 2016

A recent study on 785 organizations conducted by The Society for Information Management aimed to uncover the most prominent concerns of IT leaders in 2016. Here we take a look at the top 10 results from the report that are weighing heavily on the minds of CIO’s.

Privacy & Security

Consistently ranking in the top 10 concerns for IT leaders over the last decade, nearly a third (32%) of all survey respondents this year again chose privacy and security as one of the biggest barriers to overcome. As the global push towards digitization continues, integrity of data is likely to remain as one of the industry’s biggest concerns for many years to come.

Cost Reduction

Of all the organisational expenses that can be incurred, IT costs consistently rank amongst the most expensive concerns. Choosing the right technology is becoming an increasingly essential part of a business’ bottom line, with CIO’s feeling the pressure of determining budgets and cutting costs.

Being Innovative

With today’s digitization helping to level the playing field between big business and smaller brands, how quickly organisations can innovate remains a constant concern. More than just competitive advantage, a lack of innovation can also directly impacts growth, cost reduction, and a varied range of IT issues.

Alignment of IT & Business

One of the top concerns for today's CIO’s is keeping their technology aligned with their business goals. The shifting nature of modern businesses and the difficulty that IT organizations face in addressing these changes remains one of the biggest challenges in 2016.


In an unforgiving digital landscape, being first to an idea can make or break your business. CIO’s polled said that time-to-market is as critical as any other business factor, potentially significantly affecting the organization’s performance, revenue, brand image, and more.

IT Value Proposition to the Business

CIO’s polled believe that the businesses they represent for are becoming increasingly aware of the significant role that tech leaders have and the huge importance of IT within an organisation.

IT Agility and Flexibility

While the majority of established businesses are no strangers of the importance of being agile, an increasing number of CIO’s believe the key to success is replicating these flexible philosophies within their IT departments.

Business Agility and Flexibility

While agility in IT development has remained a constant concern for CIO’s, the recent study from SIM has demonstrated that the importance of business-wide agility has actually dropped in recent years.

Business Cost Reduction and Controls

Although undoubtedly ranking as top 10 concern for any organization, many CIO’s polled felt that they personally didn’t concern themselves with company wide controls, suggesting a possible disconnect, the SIM study noted.

Productivity & Efficiency

While concerns about productivity and efficiency remain constant for CIO’s, this recent study from SIM notes that its importance has declined over the last few years when compared to other issues. Nonetheless, productivity and efficiency remains one of the key challenges to keep on top of in 2016.