Geo-enable Your Business.

Rapidly develop and deploy intuitive map-based web and mobile applications.

GeoMash offers a variety of off-the-shelf spatial application tools including analytics, asset tracking, location based services, origin destination applications, location intelligence, service management, supply chain management, territory planning and workforce management. From base maps to population data, train timetables, ATM locations, and more; GeoMash is all you need to begin developing map-based applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Complete with a robust and comprehensive set of business logic, workflow, and intention aware APIs, developing map-based applications has never been easier and more cost effective.

The Leader in Locational Data Management

Asset tracking

Plan routes or track and manage parcels, vehicles, or people with workforce, facilities and logistics management tools.

Supports multiple maps

GeoMash works with multiple mapping providers, such as Nokia Maps, Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Open Street Maps.

Network management

Monitor and manage the real time status of your networks for numerous different industries including, telecommunications, IT, and infrastructure.

Powerful platform

GeoMash provides a robust, extensible platform for developers to build custom applications or extend existing applications through comprehensive APIs.

Ready to go

Choose from a range of map-centric applications, replete with customisable business logic, enterprise-grade security, and a simplified user interface.

Hardware optional

GeoMash is compatible with a wide range of data loggers, data collectors, on-board computers and other sensors - ask how we can help!

Simple Plans Hosted In The Cloud

Shared Infrastructure

Shared data management available as-a-service for large, medium, and small enterprises.

Private Cloud

For when your systems require data sovereignty, regulatory independence, dedicated capacity, or more control.

Hybrid Cloud

For sensitive deployments or situations where some data must stay behind the corporate firewall.

Enterprise License

A perpetual model with the flexibility of cloud-scale deployment and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Using your own infrastructure, or your own cloud?

On Premise Solutions

Enterprise Edition

Comes with enhanced support and enterprise features including SSO, elastic scalability, and Automated Deployment Manager.

Professional Edition

Available as a cost-effective and perpetual model for on-premise deployments built upon Intaglio.