The Application Platform for Accelerating Everything.

Intaglio enables cloud-scale architecture, absolute flexibility and extensibility, rock solid stability, shorter time to market, and lower total cost of ownership.

Today’s digital environment rewards only the most agile of organisations. As markets evolve and technology improves, you need to know your application portfolio can keep pace with the speed of innovation - and that your business will not be constrained by the components of your platform. Customisable to the core, Intaglio was created on the understanding that your business requirements grow and evolve over time. With the structure, framework, and most commonly used components of your application stack provided straight out-of-the-box, Intaglio makes quick and reliable work of web based application development.

Why Businesses Use Intaglio

Maximum control, minimal cost

Achieve more scalable results in significantly less time - simply take and configure the pre-built elements needed for your software to succeed.

Customise ALL the code

Intaglio’s open and configurable codebase means your teams aren’t inhibited by implementation, and instead, focus on ideas and innovation.

We’ve got your back

Need help? Intaglio’s team of core developers provide regular patches and updates, as well as next day support and dedicated points of contact.

Why Developers Love Intaglio

Get started quickly

With modules available out-of-the-box, there's no need to reinvent the wheel or reimplement basic application functionality

Open source reliability

Our codebase is shared with talented developers and approved partners around the world via the Zinios Partner Network.

Powered by Nutshell

Intaglio is built upon the open source Nutshell framework designed for the rapid prototyping, testing, and deployment of web-based applications.

Simple Plans Hosted In The Cloud

Shared Infrastructure

Shared data management available as-a-service for large, medium, and small enterprises.

Private Cloud

For when your systems require data sovereignty, regulatory independence, dedicated capacity, or more control.

Hybrid Cloud

For sensitive deployments or situations where some data must stay behind the corporate firewall.

Enterprise License

A perpetual model with the flexibility of cloud-scale deployment and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Using your own infrastructure, or your own cloud?

On Premise Solutions

Enterprise Edition

Comes with enhanced support and enterprise features including SSO, elastic scalability, and Automated Deployment Manager.

Professional Edition

Available as a cost-effective and perpetual model for on-premise deployments built upon Intaglio.